Leap beyond footfall

Improve sales and marketing performance with unique consumer insights from your shop floor

High-street retail is rapidly evolving

Experiential shopping and new spending habits are on the rise

But few retailers can measure the quality of their in-store shopping experience, beyond rudimentary footfall counts.

Aura Vision continuously captures every shopping journey, from any in-store camera

Movement & behaviour

Measure shopper behaviour

Aura Vision's cutting-edge AI captures every step of the shopping journey.

Footfall Peel-off rates Product engagement times Area dwell times In-store movement

Segment by demographics

Our unique computer vision algorithms estimate the age and gender of every shopper in your stores.

Age Gender

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A/B testing for the offline world


Integrate your cameras

Rapidly integrate your existing security cameras, or easily deploy our simple camera solution.


Start capturing insights

Measure every shopping journey from entrance to checkout with our intuitive dashboard tools and comprehensive API.


Measure your impact

Quantify how your actions influence shopper behaviour to increase sales performance and marketing ROI.

Where do the opportunities lie in your stores?

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Optimising marketing ROI

Measure exactly which type of shopper your campaign attracted to your stores, with accurate footfall and precise demographic counts.

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Uncovering missed sales

Highlight which products and store areas are enticing and engaging shoppers, before they make a purchase.

In-store, on-street
Tracking peel-off rates

See how well your stores are attracting visitors that walk by and measure the impact of new shopping experiences, window displays and promotions.

Aura Vision is deploying solutions for retailers and commercial spaces.

If you'd like to better understand your consumers, get in touch now.

Cutting-edge deep learning technology

Adaptable and robust

Our cloud-based technology works with most camera systems, and captures all visitors in any environment to provide comprehensive analytics.

Inside Outside Daylight Low-light Existing CCTV New cameras
Explore your insights

Our intuitive dashboard provides tools to explore explore your insights across every camera and store, and our API is built to integrate with your existing systems.

Dashboard Demographic explorer Comparison tool Conversion funnel Heatmaps API

High precision insights that protect shopper identities

In-store, on-street
Privacy by design

Our technology never identifies individuals and we don't use facial recognition.

In-store, on-street
100% anonymous

All data is anonymous from source, and aggregated for enhanced security.

In-store, on-street
Built for GDPR

Aura Vision complies with the world’s most rigorous data protection regulations.

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