Deep visitor analytics
from any camera.

Smarter, safer and more equitable spaces for everyone.

Video Analytics - Computer Vision - Deep Learning

Revolutionary visitor insights.

Discover your visitors in unprecedented detail with Aura Vision's deep learning video technology.

Movement & behaviour

Movement & behaviour

Go beyond just counting. See visitor journeys, discover common routes, inspect area dwell times and optimise congestion with fine-grained movement information.



Reveal precise visitor demographics from any camera with industry leading gender, age and clothing detection. Explore new visitor segments, linking demographics and behaviours.

In-store, on-street

In-store, on-street

Harness the power of your cameras indoor and outside. Integrate with current infrastructure or new deployments anywhere.

See and learn

Meaningful Analytics

Understand how your visitors change over time with historical reporting. Respond to events with predictions of future footfall and demographics.


Future worlds

Harness the power of your cameras.

Aura Vision is deploying solutions for Smart Cities, Business Improvment Districts, Retailers, Commercial Real Estate, Targeted Advertising, Security and Transport Operations. If you think your business could benefit from unparalleled visitor insights, get in contact with us now.